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Utili-Tee. 002

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

The Utili-Tee 002 is part of our classics collection, and is used to bring awareness to causes (Racism, Sexism, Bigotry, Classism, etc) plaguing our youth and society. You will always see this style tee, or at least a version of it. This is our Second drop of this collection, inspired and designed by us, and our take on what the world could use at the moment, which is a little more Tolerance. We host events/outlets to help break the barriers of culture in society, while offering services and products with a positive message in hopes of inspiring others. We aim to host and offer a common ground geared to educate and communicate, while giving back to the underprivileged/homeless communities, and providing our Youth the tools needed to succeed both Athletically and Artistically! Tolerance Amongst People is a Brand worth representing, and we are representing something bigger than ourselves. Don't miss out on the chance to support the most worthy of causes! #ToleranceAmongstPeople

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Our Founder/CEO @robinhoodjr casually rocking the White/Gold Utili-Tee in his recent travels to help sponsor and promote the Brand at the 5th annual #Ballin4Peace event held in Brooklyn, NYC. Ballin 4 Peace founded by our good friend H20 Haron Hardgrave, is an organization committed to raising awareness related to acts of violence within NYC and beyond. B4P delivers an outlet to inner-city youth where they can interface with their favorite celebrities as they promote peace through sports. Lookout for NEXT SUMMERS collaborative event, where TAP bring B4P to Oakland, CA! You heard it first


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