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10 Spring Activities to Boost Your Mood

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Spring has arrived, the days are lighter and the sun shines brighter. Daylight savings has taken an hour of sleep from us but give us some extra time in the evening for play. The world is reopening after a daunting pandemic and what better time to boost your mood with some daily activities to help spring you into a good mood? The best part about these activities is that most of them are outdoors, great with a group of friends or alone, and also somewhat FREE!

With bloom comes room for...

  1. Hiking: Spring is the perfect time to explore nature on foot, as the weather is mild and the flowers are blooming. See the link for some of the best hikes around the Bay Area.

  2. Picnics: Grab a blanket and some delicious food, and head to a park or beach to enjoy a leisurely picnic with family or friends.

  3. Gardening: Spring is the perfect time to start a garden or tend to your existing one. Plant some flowers, vegetables, or herbs and enjoy watching them grow.

  4. Spring Cleaning: This may not sound like a fun activity, but many people enjoy the sense of renewal and freshness that comes with decluttering and deep cleaning their homes.

  5. Biking/Running: With the warmer weather, many people enjoy a nice run or taking their bicycles and exploring their neighborhood or nearby trails. If looking for a budget-friendly bike that checks all the boxes, check out the Schwinn High Timber in aluminum and steel frame options. If you are an extreme rider looking for more of a High-performance trail bike see the Mongoose Argus ST fat tire option to meet all your needs.

  6. Outdoor Sports: Spring is the perfect time to dust off your sports equipment and hit the field or court with friends for a game of soccer, baseball, or tennis. Maybe even just going out for a long bike ride, run, or hike.

  7. Festivals: Many communities host spring festivals to celebrate the season, featuring live music, food, and fun activities for all ages.

  8. Farmers' Markets: Spring marks the start of the growing season, and many farmers' markets open up with fresh produce, flowers, food, and live music. No better way to spend a day

  9. Spring Break: For students and families, spring break can be a great time to take a vacation and enjoy some time off. Traveling has always been an all-time favorite. Spend this Spring exploring a new place, state, or country. Here are a few of our favorite places

  10. Outdoor Photography: Spring provides the perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful photos of nature and the changing landscape. One of the best cameras for vloggers is the Sony ZV-E10 or if you are simply looking to point and shoot, check out the Sony RX 100 Vii to snapshot your adventures along the way.

Spring brings out the best of moods. With warming weather, blooming flowers, and longer days filled with more activities to enjoy, it's the best time of year to smile, pull out all of your warm-weather clothes and enjoy some of your favorite past-times.

Thanks for reading and always remember to support your local TAP Brand at the shop with classic or the newest looks for summer.


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