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Tolerance Amongst People is a community-based organization, active lifestyle brand, and platform that blends sport, wellness, lifestyle, the arts, and culture. As a company, our mission is to innovate and inspire while creating limitless opportunities and outlets for our community, advocates, and partners in all of their endeavors. We specialize in connecting with athletes, artists, businesses, and brands while offering the most unique and unparalleled products, services, and experiences to all we associate with.


Founded on its message alone, TAP is more of an idea than a brand, we are "Where Culture Creates". We aim to help you maximize your life and lifestyle while pushing the boundaries of culture in pursuit! We are committed to giving back to our community as this speaks through our products, services, and curated experiences that exude positivity. We regularly partner with local organizations to host events and fundraisers, focusing on elevating community outreach, supporting local talent, and promoting wellness, and youth development.

Tolerance Amongst People 
Where Culture Creates.

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