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Tolerance Amongst People celebrates sports, arts, and education with the belief

that we can make a positive impact on people's lives through products, services

and experiences we create. TAP is a mission-driven initiative, that sends a message of positivity and hope to youth and underprivileged communities, reminding them that they always have PEOPLE to lean on. Percentages of apparel sales, services, and events by "Tolerance Amongst People" and philanthropic efforts are donated to collaborating and partnering charities and foundations devoted to assisting local communities and those around the world. Curated events provide recreation and education on sport, art, wellness, culture, and more while spreading a message of peace, unity, and Tolerance Amongst PeopleEveryone deserves an opportunity! Give back to the most worthy of causes devoted to helping underprivileged communities get the tools needed to succeed socially, academically, and artistically.

Founder - Robin Hood Jr.




What we do and how you can help!

Tolerance Amongst People pushes the boundaries of culture in society by creating products and services with a positive message in hopes of inspiring others. 


We have 2 main ways to give back!


 1. Join us for one of the many "Events" we host throughout the year in our year-round charity events series. (Please check the events page for more info).


2. Remember to support your local Tolerance Amongst People brand or "Shop" in our collaborating efforts within the community and around the world to help spread our message of peace and unity. 

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