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Traveling Hanoi, Vietnam

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

We left a piece of us in the beautiful city of Hanoi, Vietnam. On our journey through some of the most beautiful countries we have ever seen...we lost a huge part of us along the way. RIP. LADY (aka. our dog/pup, ladybird, ladybug, bird,) You will forever be missed and all memories of Vietnam will forever begin and end with you!

With that being said...

After hearing countless stories and folktales, witnessing the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam through various YouTube videos, and fiending for my next bite of Vietnamese food... Hanoi Vietnam did not disappoint. From having some of the best food on planet earth, to the nicest and most hard working/accommodating people, this small but large and unique city easily became one of our new found favs. Going through a rough time through the latter part of our visit, it was like the city knew we were walking on egg shells, and exploring on a heavy heart. We can't thank this city enough! Here are some Highlights from our Trip in Hanoi. We hope you enjoy!!!

Quick tips & recommendations:

Hotels: La Siesta Hotels are amazing! They serve an amazing breakfast (Huge), very clean, and overly accommodating! Fresh Mango and Orange juice as seen on the video with a Bowl of the freshest mixed fruits! You Have to Stay Here!

*Stay anywhere around Hoan kiem's all walkable

*Definitely go to the markets!

* Every weekend the streets shut down for a festival like scene! Amazing.

*Beer Corner is a must! A ton of food and bars to sit on small stools and have good drinks amongst the locals

* "Ball until you Fall" or "Shop until you Drop" Literally...

* I know you want Vietnamese food, but don't sleep on the French culture

* Walk around and check out the ART and Architecture, it's ridiculous

*Check out Train Street..A little too popular now, but still amazing to see

* Barter your ass off! You will get Hustled either way! Everyone wins in the End!

*Watch your pockets and Be with anywhere you go!


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100% Shot on Iphone X

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AGST - Overload We left a piece of us in the beautiful city of Hanoi, Vietnam.

More Photos uploaded soon!


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