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"The Last Dance" Exhibit by GTR

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Artist: Gavin Rochford Terrance (GTR)

Exhibit: The First Last Dance!

Hosted by: Tolerance Amongst People

We want to welcome the collaborating artist, Gavin Terrance Rochford (GTR), of Oakland, CA, to the TAP Family through our Artist Residency Program. We are beyond excited to work and create with him, and have a lot in store

for the future!

This exhibit was inspired by Gavin's love of the 90's - 2000's basketball era. Where fresh kicks, vintage baggy jerseys, and sports team memorabilia ruled the school hallways. Also where bald heads become sexy, and sticking your tongue out was a symbol of greatness... Gavin has resurrected that nostalgic feeling in honor of Jordans unforgettable journey in "The Last Dance", and we couldn't be more appreciative of having it in our hands more! For the last 5 weeks, personally, I've felt like a kid reminiscing on the best basketball years of my life. The days I used to wait in lines at the shoe store for hours, maybe days, just to get a new, fresh pair of J's. Watching this Jordan series/documentary has probably been one of the most nostalgic experiences in my 36 years. Yes, I'm an 80's baby. And I'm pretty sure all you other 80's babies feel exactly how I do at the moment. I know at least Gavin does. This is why we have decided to exhibit this collection at this time, as the timing could not be better! Gavin has been a basketball fanatic his whole life, but his gifts and skills didn't translate onto the court. Instead, as a kid, he spent years trying to replicate and transfer legendary moments and memories onto blank canvas and slabs creating unforgettable one-of-a-kind pieces. His love for shoes and sports culture brands such as #Starterbrand & #MitchellandNess sparked his creativity. He thrives in numerous ART forms including Photography, Murals, Illustration & more!

In his spare time, Gavin seconds as TAP's in house Creative Director, working consistently with our teams on a variety of collaborative projects. He assists with our artist residency program, scouting & collaborating with upcoming local artists that best resonate with our culture and style! For more of Gavin's work, head to our Media tab and click on the Gallery button, or head to the shop and check out his one-of-a-kind pieces! All Art signed by the artist. More below.


All pieces of art are shipped w/o frame and rolled. Sold w/frame for additional cost.


Acrylic paint






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