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Training with Teohn Conner

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Who: Player Development Trainer @robinhoodjr feat. @thebasketballtrainer

Where: Ultimate Field house

Video Credit: @shallowstills

In an age where Social Media rules, and everyone is put into the spotlight within your respected industry, you may find yourself competing and/or resenting individuals you think are or aren't as talented, or artistic, or educated, etc. as you, but who may get that recognition, love, or fame you so yearn for. Tolerance Amongst people is here to break the mindset / barriers that hold us and this world back, helping to bring all mentors / peoples (trainers, teachers, coaches, friends, caregivers, parents, etc) together for the good of a brighter future for our youth. Lets stay pushing the Culture forward together!

Here is a clip of Tolerance Amongst People's, Founder and CEO Robin Hood @robs.hood with the chance to get in the lab with one of the most well respected Basketball Skill Trainers in the Bay Area and in the basketball world in general, Teohn Conner aka. (@thebasketballtrainer). Stay tuned for more dope content and features of local/budding Artist and Athletes around the World! More Tolerance Amongst People on TAPtv


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